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Free-Flow Packaging Corporation was founded in 1967 by Arthur Graham.

Arthur Graham pioneered the free-flowing interior packaging material industry. In the 1950s, he headed a company, Safe-T Pacific Company, that made soda fountain supplies including paper soda straws. The straw manufacturing process produced “straw ends”, paper scrap that was about three quarters of an inch long. Graham offered these "straw ends" to several local businesses to use as packaging material. Among the first companies to test and use these "straw ends", were Gumps in San Francisco and Hewlett-Packard in Palo Alto. This packaging material was so successful that Safe-T Pacific started making “straw ends” to keep up with demand.

Inventing loosefill…and sustainability

Already holding a patent for hollow paper tube packaging, the company looked at making its product from lightweight plastic. In 1968 the company developed a unique, new extrusion process to produce its free-flowing cushioning material from expanded polystyrene. The hollow polystyrene tube was crimped in the center to make a figure-eight shape. This distinctive figure-eight shape both identified FLO-PAK loosefill and created greater product protection by interlocking with other eight-shapes in a carton during shipment.

By 1989, the company had developed a recycling, or reclaim, system to allow the use of post-consumer expanded polystyrene (EPS) packaging in its FLO-PAK loosefill. The company was the first to use recycled content in its loosefill, creating a new industry standard.

From recycling approximately 500,000 pounds of EPS in 1989, the company’s recycling effort has grown to recycling 10 million pounds of EPS annually at its U.S. and U.K. facilities. FP International only uses 100% recycled content to make their FLO-PAK loosefill products. Since 1990, they have recycled more than 140 million pounds of EPS - polystyrene.

The company has received national recognition for its unique, polystyrene recycling program, including awards from U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and the National Recycling Coalition, as well as numerous state and local environmental organizations.

To reflect its growth and product diversity, the company changed its name to Free-Flow Packaging International, Inc. and adopted FP International as its trade name in october 1996.

After starting with one product, FLO-PAK loosefill packaging, the company greatly expanded its product line. Today the company offers a wide range of equipment and interior packaging materials, including degradable products.