Introducing CELL-O® EZ Green Air Cushions for the MINI PAK'R System, Earth Day 2012


Redwood City, CA – June 4, 2012 -- FP International, an award-winning manufacturer of environmentally friendly packing solutions, is excited this Earth Day 2012 to announce the first CELL-O® EZ green air cushions for the MINI PAK'R® air cushion machine.

The film of the CELL-O EZ green air cushions is made from 100 percent recyclable material and can be recycled and reused. Two sizes are available: 4" x 8" and 8" x 8" air cushions. "The biodegradable cushions are new in the line of environmentally friendly packaging products. Not only do the green cushions leave a small carbon footprint, they provide superior product protection, and your customers will receive a great presentation when they open their packages," states Pete Steinke, MINI PAK'R Sales Manager.

The CELL-O EZ green film contains a biodegradable additive that promotes the formation of a microscopic bio-film on the surface of the cushions which attracts microorganisms, after the film has been disposed of as waste. "The microorganisms secrete acids and enzymes that break down the long polymer chains into smaller pieces, which can then be digested by the microorganisms. When in the presence of microorganisms, the biodegradation* process happens in 1 to 5 years or more depending on conditions," says FP International's Chief Scientist, Rod Alire. Because conditions vary from place to place and landfill to landfill, the exact time for degradation varies depending upon the level of microbial activity.

It makes lighter, fuller inflatable packaging on-demand replacing premade bubble and paper. The MINI PAK'R saves companies money on shipping and storage costs associated with packaging products. One case (2 rolls) of CELL-O EZ 8" x 8" green film equals ten 14 cubic foot bags of packing peanuts. The MINI PAK'R is ideal for eBay shippers, and ship from store and return to manufacturer programs.

The results of standard test methods ASTM D5511, ASTM D5338 and ASTM 5209, concluded that plastic products manufactured with the additive are biodegradable and safe for the environment. The additive will not transfer to other products because it must be mixed with the raw materials during production leaving no residue. It is used in numerous plastic products throughout the world. The additive is made from FDA recognized materials and is not known to contain hazardous materials, as outlined by current OSHA regulations. No special handling is required to load, use or store the material.

This plastic packaging which biodegrades is compliant with the EN 13427 standard. EN 13427 is the standard of the European Packaging Directive, for sustainable products under the European Packaging and Packaging Waste Directive and the Essential Requirements Regulation. This directive for sustainable products includes how products will be used after they have fulfilled their primary purpose. A sustainable product compliant with EN 13427 standards must be either recyclable, reusable, incinerated with a low calorific output, biodegradable or does not give off any heavy metal residues or contain any harmful or dangerous substances. CELL-O EZ green inflatable air cushions have been certified by independent laboratories as compliant with this directive. The CELL-O EZ biodegradable film is #4 LDPE, the same material used to make bread and frozen food bags, squeezable bottles, e.g. honey, mustard, and can be recycled curbside in most communities or deflated and recycled with plastic bags. To learn about curbside recycling programs visit Earth 911 and type in your ZIP code; find out where to recycle plastic bags by visiting

About FP International

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* Contains an additive that accelerates biodegradation when in the presence of microorganisms. The rate and time for biodegradation varies depending on conditions.