The MINI PAK'R® Bubble Wrapping Machine is Now Mountable to a Wheeled Cart for added portability.


Redwood City, CA -- (MARKET WIRE) -- September 15, 2009 -- FP International's new MINI PAK'R® Inflatable Packaging Machine is now available with a cart for added mobility and convenience for retailers that need to protect items they pack-and-ship. The MINI PAK'R can now simply be attached to a wheeled cart with a large storage bin. The MINI PAK'R creates bubble wrapping void fill which is stored in the bin for removal. A sensor automatically starts and stops the MINI PAK'R to create inflatable packaging on demand.

The lightweight cart system enables employees to easily move the MINI PAK'R bubble wrapping machine to workstations throughout a warehouse. The versatile MINI PAK'R can be placed on a table or mounted to a wall or cart. It's easy to operate since the 13 pound machine "reads" an RFID tag in the film roll and automatically sets the air fill amount and seal temperature. Simply select one of the six films MINI PAK'R offers, load the film and make perfect inflatable cushioning void fill. The MINI PAK'R inflatable packaging with air transfer film performs better than the name brand Bubble Wrap® from Sealed Air®. One of the first companies to test the MINI PAK'R machine was Makes Scents of Columbus, Texas Makes Scents Owner, Joanne Klauber started her fragrance lamps, candles and reed diffuser oil business from her dining room, today she operates a store. Klauber was immediately impressed with the MINI PAK'R machine. Klauber said, "there was no need to monitor the machine. The MINI PAK'R air cushions immediately gave my company a professional image. Professional packaging tells your customers you have a business. I no longer looked like someone doing business from my dining room". To see for yourself product demo's are available online. "I liked its speed and flexibility since so many different cushions could be made by one machine and its price was very attractive. I tested the machine thoroughly," Klauber said. The MINI PAK'R machine offers the small shipper the advantages long-enjoyed by large industrial shippers, superior product protection, ease of operation and cost-savings without having to deal with packing peanuts. With larger, fuller inflatable packaging than Bubble Wrap® you save money on shipping costs while providing superior product protection. For more information about the MINI PAK'R and its innovative new portable cart system please contact us at or call toll-free: 888-646-4757.