CELL-O® Green Air Cushions

CELL-O® green air cushions are the right choice for the environment and for protecting your valuable products.

The CELL-O EZ machine provides added value by increasing pack line speeds with the wide variety of air cushion shapes available. Perforations between each cushion provide quick separation of the number of cushions needed. CELL-O EZ air cushions are used to fill voids. For Inflator Equipment info, click here

CELL-O EZ green air cushions are the new generation of sustainable packaging for businesses looking to address the environmental concerns of their customers.


  • Premium product protection
  • Cost-effective, in-the-box protection
  • Durable, high versatility
  • Superior void-fill and cushioning
  • Environmentally responsible
  • Reusable and recyclable

There are two CELL-O EZ films:

1) Square Bags
Low Density Polyethylene (LDPE) square bags available in standard and green films.
Available in sizes:
4" x 8",
8" x 8",
and 12" x 12" in 1.2 mil thickness.
2) Air Transfer Technology :
Available in standard and green films, with two configurations:
EZ Double Cushion™ (regular and small) in 1.4 and 1.0 mil thickness; use for Blocking and Bracing, and Void Fill.
EZ Supertube™ in 1.4 mil thickness; use for Blocking and Bracing, Cross Layering, Corner Protection, Top Layering, Void Fill, and Wrapping.

CELL-O-EZ air transfer cushion material is designed with FP's unique, patented, innovative air transfer technology that allows air movement (transfer) within cushions during shipment. This movement acts as a shock absorber to provide continuous superior protection. Air bags without air transfer technology can transmit shock and damage the products during shipment.

A wide variety of material handling options are available, which improve packer ergonomics and increase packing speeds.

Important Facts about CELL-O EZ Green Air Cushions

Our green air cushions contain an additive that accelerates biodegradation. They will biodegrade* in 1 to 5 years or more, depending on conditions, when in the presence of microorganisms. Because conditions vary from place to place and landfill to landfill, the exact time for degradation varies depending upon the level of microbial activity. Process shown in Figure 1.

The results of standard test methods ASTM D5511, ASTM D5338 and ASTM 5209, concluded that plastic products manufactured with the additive are biodegradable and safe for the environment. The additive will not transfer to other products because it must be mixed with the raw materials during production leaving no residue. This additive is used in numerous plastic products throughout the world. This plastic packaging which biodegrades is compliant with the EN 13427 standard.

* Contains an additive that accelerates biodegradation when in the presence of microorganisms. The rate and time for biodegradation varies depending on conditions.

*Products labeled 'biodegradable' are not offered for sale in the state of California.
For more information please see: Biodegradable Q & A

Figure 1. In the event the product is not reused or recycled.

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