DIM Weight Shipping Standards

Does your business understand the effects of the new shipping costing models launched in 2015? FP International can assist with helping businesses navigate DIM weight shipping and plan accordingly.

  • What is DIM?
    • DIM stands for dimensional meaning length x width x height of a box
    • DIM weight shipping is a method of estimating the cost of shipping a parcel based on box size or weight, whichever is greater
    • As of 2015, UPS and FedEx have changed the way they charge for shipping parcels from a strictly weight-based costing model to a model that also incorporates the size (dimensions) of the box as well as the weight.
  • Why the change in costing of parcel shipping?
    • Shippers, like UPS and FedEx, are losing $$$ shipping air...weight doesn't correlate to space used on the trucks
  • What is the effect of this change?
    • In the past, DIM weight was waived under 5184 cubic inches
    • New DIM will be effective on anything over 166 cubic inches
    • A 12 cube box will be charged at a minimum weight of 11 lbs.
This new range of box sizes that now fall within the new DIM weight shipping guidelines comprise a large number of standard box shipments done each day by most businesses. Below is a chart that outlines which box sizes will now have new DIM weight shipping charges applied:

Not only can FP International provide the appropriate protective packaging to fit any sized box, we can also offer freight analysis studies to show the true potential impact DIM weight shipping charges can have on your business.

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