Distribution/Fulfillment Packaging Solutions

Warehouse environments car vary greatly and FP International takes into consideration the large variety of warehouse configurations. Our combination of inflation systems, integration services and accessories along with our biggest in industry breadth of air cushion offerings will ensure we can develop a system that fits your specific facility packaging needs.

Decentralized Packaging
Your facility has pack stations where packers are packing boxes as well as handling shipment paper work and shipment labels for the box. Many of these environments will have need for accessories like overhead packing bins, mobile packing bins or dispensing stands.

Centralized Packaging
Your facility has staff that only puts packaging inside the box and makes sure the box is sent through the taping machine. Typically this is high speed & high volume packing environment.

Regardless of which type of packing occurs in your facility, FP International can provide a solution that will fit into your current packing environment. If you are looking at improving or redesigning your packing environment, FP offers integration services that can assist you in this process.

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At 25 linear feet per minute, this machine is the answer for in line packaging, where a number of different products are being packaged at different station points. Each roll of film has RFID technology, so the machine reprograms itself automatically when a different film configuration is needed. It has an optional Articulating Arm and Floor Mount 60" Stand that can be used in overhead space, minimizing its footprint even more.

MINI PAK'R INDUSTRIAL offers two cushion types: Double Cushion and Quilt Medium.

FP Solution: EZ Machine System
Operating at up to 80 LF/Min., the EZ Machine offers numerous dispensing options, film configurations and accessories that increase both packer ergonomics and packing speeds. Inline packing, inline overhead packing, pack station accumulation, overhead accumulation, bin dispensing and SPEED FEEDER options are capabilities of the EZ Machine.

EZ Machine offers three cushion types: Square Bag, Double Cushion and Supertube.

*The EZ Machine can be adapted for use in a centralized environment.

FP Solution: NOVUS System
Producing cushions at 72 LF/Min., NOVUS can be used from high-speed online pack stations to small packing table operations. A built-in timer on the machine can be set to run cushions to fill a bin or other storage containers.

NOVUS offers five cushion types: Double Cushion, Supertube, Quilt Small, Quilt Medium and Quilt Large.

*NOVUS can be adapted for use in a centralized environment.

FP Solution: PILLOW PAK'R System:
Making bundles of quilted packaging material at 72 LF/Min., PILLOW PAK'R eliminates traditional bubble transportation, handling and storage costs. An additional winder is available for multiple pack station applications.

PILLOW PAK'R offers two cushion types: Quilt Small and Quilt Medium.

FP Solution: POWER PAK'R System
Capable of producing 120 linear feet per minute of cushion inflation, this machine can be a high speed stand alone, or configured to provide a central point for multi-station packing.

POWER PAK'R offers three cushion types: Double Cushion, Supertube and Quilt Medium.