Inflator Equipment

  POWER PAK'R® Air Cushion System :
The ultimate packing machine; provides total modularity for complete control. Large shipping operations can now pack more boxes per hour. Different air films primarily for void fill, wrapping, or blocking / bracing.

Dimensions: 18" W x 22" L x 16" H
Weight: 48 lbs.
Speed: 120 LF/Min.
CELL-O EZ® Air Cushion System :
The machine provides added value by increasing pack line speeds with the wide variety of air cushion shapes available.


Dimensions: 19" W x 24" L x 10.5" H
Weight: 55 lbs.
Speed: Up to 80 linear feet per minute Options: Foot Pedal, Overhead Dispenser, Pack Station, SPEED FEEDER® System e

  SPEED FEEDER® Air Cushion Delivery System:
SPEED FEEDER® Air Cushion Delivery System cuts and dispenses material on-demand directly into the box. This versatile, high speed system automatically replenishes a preset length of material once the cut material is removed from the machine. The SPEED FEEDER system takes the guesswork out of void fill processes, saving time and costs. It works in conjuction with our CELL-O Ez Air cushion equipment.


Speed: 180 LF (25 cubic feet) per minute
  NOVUS® Air Cushion System :

The versatile NOVUS machine can be used anywhere, from high-speed, online pack stations to small packing table operations. A built-in timer on the machine can be set to run cushions to fill a bin or other storage containers.

Dimensions:  12” W x 22” L x 23” H
Weight: 52 lbs.
Speed: 72 linear feet per minute

  PILLOW PAK'R® Air Cushion System :

Achieve faster inline packing with the PILLOW PAK'R machine. Its in-the-box dispensing improves packer productivity. NEW Tuff Blend green film has incredible toughness and superior strength. An optional Winder is available for multiple pack station applications.

Dimensions: 20" W x 18" L x 16" H
Weight: 60 lbs.
Speed: 72 linear feet per minute

  MINI PAK'R® Air Cushion Machine :

The space-saving MINI PAK'R® air cushion machine replaces traditional packing peanuts and is an important addition for any retailer's ship from store program, small business shipper, ebay shipper, and pack-and-ship store.

Dimensions: 13" W x 14" L x 11" H
Weight: 13 lbs.
Speed: 25 linear feet per minute

  FASTTrack PAPER PAK'R® Packaging System :

The FASTTrack PAPER PAK'R® system is small, fast, efficient, easy to operate and reliable. It can be used as a stand-alone work station or integrated in-line over conveyors to increase productivity and orders shipped per day.

Dimensions: 32" W x 40" D x 74" H
Weight: 13 lbs.
Speed: 18 cubic feet per minute (66 inches per second)