MINI PAK'R™ Machine Introduced at eBay Live!

eBay Power-Seller One of First to Test New Air Cushion Machine

Redwood City, California...June 14, 2007...FP International will introduce its new MINI PAK'R™ Air Cushion Machine at eBay Live!. FP International is a new exhibitor at eBay Live!. After years of providing high-quality packaging materials and equipment to the industrial market, the company has developed an air cushion packaging machine specifically for the consumer, home-based businesses and other small businesses.

The MINI PAK'R machine is a small, 13-pound unit that makes cushions at 25 feet per minute. The machine will inflate six different films: Quilt Large and Quilt Small that replace bubble; Double Cushion for top filling; Supertube to wrap corners and line cartons plus 4" x 8" and 8" x 8" cushions that are excellent for void fill and can actually replace packing peanuts.

One of the first companies to test the MINI PAK'R machine was Makes Scents of Columbus, Texas. Makes Scents Owner Joanne Klauber started her fragrance lamps, candles and reed diffuser oil business from her dining room, selling on eBay and quickly became a Power-Seller. Today she operates a store, sells from her own company web site and continues to sell on eBay for its wide customer base.

Klauber was immediately impressed with the MINI PAK'R machine. "I liked its speed and flexibility since so many different cushions could be made by one machine and its price was very attractive. I tested the machine thoroughly, used it every day and tried several pillow configurations before settling on Supertube to line my boxes and Double Cushion on top." Klauber said.

Klauber had the MINI PAK'R machine set up on a stainless table with a wheeled basket beside it. "We loaded the film, hit start and let the basket fill with cushions. There was no need to monitor the machine. The MINI PAK'R air cushions immediately gave my company a professional image. Professional packaging tells your customers you have a business. I no longer looked like someone doing business from my dining room," Klauber concluded.

eBay Live! is the annual eBay community conference, held this year at the Boston Convention and Exhibition Center, June 14-16, 2007. In its sixth year, the three-day event draws thousands of eBay community members and industry experts from around the world to celebrate, connect with one another, and learn new strategies and advice to buy and sell on eBay more effectively. The conference offers curriculum and information geared toward a broad range of experience levels – from those who have never bought or sold on eBay to experienced sellers who run full-time businesses on the site.

FP International is a leading manufacturer of packaging materials and equipment, including 100% recycled loose fill (packing peanuts), air cushions, bubble, paper, foam and mailer envelopes. Based in Redwood City, California, the company's products are available nationally through packaging distributors or through the company's web site,

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