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Trademark Information

FP International is the tradename of Free-Flow Packaging International, Inc. FP International refers to Free-Flow Packaging International, Inc and all of its subsidiaries, business units and divisions worldwide. In the United States, Free-Flow Packaging International, Inc. products and the FP International tradename are protected by trademark registration with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. For more information on specific patents, see patents.

Any questions concerning the use of these trademarks should be referred to FP International's General Counsel, (650)261-5393.

The following are trademarks of Free-Flow Packaging International, Inc:

  • FLO-PAK® loosefill
  • SUPER 8® loosefill
  • BULK AIR® conveying system
  • SQUARE VALVE® dispenser
  • SLINGTAINER® loosefill dispensing system
  • FLO-VAC® dispenser
  • FLO-VACjr® dispenser
  • FLO-VAC SRT® system
  • CUSHION-LITE® polyethylene foam
  • CUSHION-AIR® bubble material
  • CUSHION-AIR® kraft mailers
  • FASTTrack® paper, system or machine
  • FASTTrack PAPER PAK'R® paper, packaging system or machine
  • GREEN FAMILY® environmentally friendly products
  • FP INTERNATIONAL® packaging materials
  • CELL-O® air cushions
  • CELL-O® air cushion machine or system
  • CELL-O® EZ air cushion machine
  • CELL-O® EZ II air cushion machine
  • EZ Double Cushion™ air cushions
  • EZ Double Cushion™ Small air cushions
  • EZ Supertube™ air cushions
  • NOVUS® air cushions
  • NOVUS® Select Double Cushion air cushions
  • NOVUS® Select Supertube air cushions
  • NOVUS® Select Quilt-Air Large
  • NOVUS® air cushion system or machine
  • NOVUS Double Cushion® air cushions
  • NOVUS Supertube® air cushions
  • NOVUS Quilt-Air® Small air cushions
  • NOVUS Quilt-Air ® Medium air cushions
  • NOVUS Quilt-Air® Large air cushions
  • PILLOW PAK® air cushions or film
  • PILLOW PAK® Quilt Small air cushions
  • PILLOW PAK® Quilt Medium air cushions
  • PILLOW PAK® Quilt Medium Narrow air cushions
  • PILLOW PAK® Quilt Small Narrow air cushions
  • PILLOW PAK'R® system or machine
  • PRO PAK'R™ air cushion machine
  • POWER PAK'R™ air cushion machine
  • MINI PAK'R® air cushion machine
  • SPEED FEEDER® air cushion delivery system

Biodegradeable Information

49.28% biodegradation in 900 days under non-typical conditions; no evidence of further biodegradation.