EZ Air Cushion System

EZ air cushions are perfect for protecting your valuable products and we offer environmentally friendly options to meet company sustainability programs.

Operating Environment
The EZ Air Cushion System works ideally in warehouse environments that need mid-speed delivery and/or have pack stations with diverse layouts. The EZ system can be adapted with a variety of supporting accessories to meet a vast number of configurations. When coupled with the huge variety of film options for different packing applications, the EZ Air Cushion System is an ideal solution.

Machine Specifications
Dimensions: 19" W x 24" L x 10.5" H
Weight: 55 lbs.
Speed: Up to 80 linear feet per minute

Ease of Use The EZ system uses ambient air so no need for compressed air lines and loading a roll of film is so simple.

Variety of Dispensing Options From a simple pack station bin to a speed feeder into the box option or maybe an inline overhead pack station, our EZ solution system is adaptable to your specific warehouse needs.

Versatile A single machine can produce a variety of air cushion types to satisfy your protection requirements whether its void fill, block & brace, corner protection or wrapping.

Options and more. The EZ machine has a variety of options such as a machine stand, foot pedal, our Speed Feeder high speed delivery option, storage bins and overhead delivery systems that can fit into most warehouse packing lines.

EZ films are available in standard and green in the following configurations:
Square Bag
Double Cushion

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