NOVUS® Air Cushion System

NOVUS® Air Cushion options give you unparalleled versatility to protect the products you ship. With FP's patented air transfer technology, it provides superior protection that is fast, easy and cost-effective.

Operating Environment
Novus works best in heavier duty applications that are more sensitive to damage and require more cushioning. The machine has the versatility to produce a variety of pillow configurations with its extensive lineup of film choices. Novus fits into diverse layouts within warehouse and distribution facilities with its numerous dispensing accessories and small footprint.

Machine Specifications
Dimensions: 12" W x 22" L x 23" H
Weight: 52 lbs.
Speed: 72 linear feet per minute

Best-in-industry protection. Equipped with air transfer technology.

Versatile. The NOVUS machine can be used anywhere, from high-speed, on-line pack stations to small packing table operations. A built-in timer on the machine can be set to run cushions to fill a bin or other storage containers.

Fast. The NOVUS machine produces 72 lineal feet per minute.

Easy to operate. It's easy to operate and can be plugged in anywhere (110 volts).

Simple to Load. The film loading is easy with the NOVUS machine and takes just seconds.

Small Footprint. Only 22 inches long, 12" wide, 23" high.

Options and more. Multiple film configurations and wide range of accessories.

NOVUS films are 16.5" wide and available in standard (clear) or green in these configurations:
Double Cushion
Quilt Small
Quilt Medium
Quilt Large

NOVUS Videos