PILLOW PAK'R® Air Cushion System

Achieve faster inline packing with the PILLOW PAK'R machine. Its in-the-box dispensing improves packer productivity. The product is produced when and where you need it and so you reduce time and money spent on storing and transporting large bubble rolls that take up your valuable space which you can use more effectively.

Operating Environment
Pillow Pak'r is designed to deliver fast, cost-effective, durable bubble material providing superior product cushioning and protection. With the optional Universal Winder, it has the flexibility to make narrow and wide bundles of bubble and replace ready-made bubble.

Machine Specifications
Dimensions: 20" W x 18" L x 16" H
Weight: 60 lbs.
Speed: 72 linear feet per minute

Best-in-industry protection. Reduce damages with air transfer technology.

Fast. Makes a 1,000 sq. ft. bundle in less than 8.5 minutes

Cost effective. On demand system that replaces bubble without the storage, material handling, and labor costs.

Simple and reliable. Eliminate machine downtime. No machine adjustments necessary when changing roll configurations.

Save space. Make material when you need and save valuable warehouse space.

Multiple functions. Pillow Pak'r is adaptable for running both wide and narrow film for meeting packaging requirements whether it is for wrapping, interleaving, or void fill.

Options. The sleek Universal Winder is available for multiple pack station applications or for making bundles of bubble.

Pillow Pak'r film comes in wide and narrow widths and available in these configurations.
Quilt Medium.
• Available in Green, Standard (clear), and Anti-Static.
• Available in a range of thicknesses to fit your packaging needs.

Quilt Small
• Available in Green and Standard (clear).
• Available in a range of thicknesses to fit your packaging needs.

Pillow Pak'r Videos