POWER PAK'R® Air Cushion System

POWER PAK'R gives your business total modularity for complete control.

Operating Environment
As the fastest inflator available, the POWER PAK'R is deal for centralized, high volume packing environments and "into the box" packing. The POWER PAK'R also offers optimal integration possibilities, without compromising on flexibility and ease of use.

Machine Specifications
Dimensions: 18" W x 22" L x 16" H
Weight: 48 lbs.
Speed: 120 linear feet per minute

Best-in-industry protection. Equipped with air transfer technology.

Versatile. The POWER PAK'R machine can be used for single pack stations, or multi-stations. In addition, the machine can run a number of different film configurations.

Fast. The POWER PAK'R operates at speeds up to 120 linear feet per minute.

Easy to operate. Using RFID technology, the POWER PAK'R automatically selects the right seal temperature, air flow and seal pressure for every film.

Simple to Load. The film loading is easy with the POWER PAK'R machine and takes just seconds.

Small Footprint. Only 22 inches long, 18" wide, 16" high and weighs 48 pounds.

Options and more. Multiple film configurations. Wide range of accessories.

POWER PAK'R films are available in the following configurations:
Double Cushion
Quilt Medium

Power Pak'r Videos