PRO PAK'R® Air Cushion System

PRO PAK'R gives your business total modularity for complete control.

Operating Environment
PRO PAK'R air cushion system integrates with on-line packaging stations or single workstations. The PRO PAK'R creates cushions on-demand and offers multiple accessories and delivery systems that improve packing line efficiencies and productivity.

Machine Specifications
Dimensions: 13.77" W x 13.77" L x 21.65"H
Weight: 35.27 lbs.
Speed: 70 linear feet per minute

Reliable & Efficient. PRO PAK'R air cushion system runs a complete range of films and is the workhorse designed for industrial use 24/7.

Supreme Versatility. With a small footprint, PRO PAK'R takes up little floor space and can be used for on-line packaging stations or single workstations.

State-Of-The-Art Technology. PRO PAK'R incorporates state-of-the-art smart technology to improve protection and service so products arrive to customers undamaged.

Effortless To Operate. With FP's unique RFID, radio-frequency identification technology, PRO PAK'R automatically adjusts film settings to provide less downtime.

Improved Sustainability. All PRO PAK'R films are green and 100% recyclable so they are sustainable in an environmentally responsible way.

PRO PAK'R films are available in the following configurations:
Double Cushion
Square Bags
Quilt Medium