Our packaging experts can identify and evaluate the best packaging material and configurations to protect your products. Next, we will assess your warehouse or packing areas and select the inflation equipment that creates the best solution for your needs. Once we determine the best inflation equipment for your specific environment, we can optimize that with a variety of machine options to increase your throughput in packing lines or at your pack stations.

  • POWER PAK'R® AIR CUSHION SYSTEM - As the fastest inflator available, the POWER PAK'R is deal for centralized, high volume packing environments and "into the box" packing.
  • PRO PAK'R® AIR CUSHION SYSTEM - With state-of-the-art technology and versatility, the PRO PAK’R is the workhorse because it works in both centralized and decentralized packaging environments and designed for industrial use 24/7.
  • MINI PAK'R INDUSTRIAL® AIR CUSHION SYSTEM - The MINI PAK'R Industrial was specifically designed for areas where space is at a premium, such as single packaging stations. It is a welcome addition to warehouses or distribution centers where multi packing lanes require different protection configurations.
  • EZ AIR CUSHION SYSTEM - The EZ Air Cushion System works ideally in warehouse environments that need mid-speed delivery and/or have pack stations with diverse layouts.
  • NOVUS® AIR CUSHION SYSTEM - Novus works best in heavier duty applications that are more sensitive to damage and require more cushioning.
  • PILLOW PAK'R® AIR CUSHION SYSTEM - Pillow Pak'r is designed to deliver fast, cost-effective, durable bubble material providing superior product cushioning and protection.
  • MINI PAK'R® AIR CUSHION SYSTEM - The MINI PAK'R was specifically designed for areas where space is at a premium, such as small business owners and Ship from Store retailers.
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