SUPER 8® Loosefill

The "Figure 8" makes the difference. See why people keep coming back to us. FP International's proprietary unique figure-8-shape provides superior void fill and cushioning.

SUPER 8 loosefill has a superior interlocking shape that securely holds your products in place during shipment and reduce damage claims. It will protect your products better, increase your packers' efficiency and decrease your shipping costs.

SUPER 8® Stock Loosefill
SUPER 8 Loosefill Bag Sizes
Regular, Colored 14 Cu. Ft.
Regular, Colored 20 Cu. Ft.
Green biodegradable* 14 Cu. Ft.
Green biodegradable* 20 Cu. Ft.
Anti-Static 14 Cu. Ft.
Also available in Bulk.

Fill the void. SUPER 8® loosefill's interlocking shape fills the void in a carton in order to maximize your protection.

Resilient. Quickly springs back into shape with excellent memory effect to protect even heavier items - securely holds your products in place during shipment. Only SUPER 8 green loosefill can offer this superior cushioning quality.

Save money. SUPER 8 loosefill is resistant to humidity. Humid environments and moisture do not affect the integrity of the product.

No mess. No chipping or dust with SUPER 8 loosefill. It is structurally sound to ensure a clean and safe packing area.

Re-Use. It is recyclable and can be reused many times.

Benefits over Starch Peanuts Benefits over Paper
Humidity does not affect product performance. Uses less energy. 86% less energy used in its production.
Reduce shipping costs; 64% lighter weight. Lower shipping costs; 81% lighter than paper.
Reduce shipping costs; 64% lighter weight. Easier and safe for packers to use. No paper cuts.
Superior product protection. More resilient. No spare parts or machine maintenance

Environmental Benefits
After 12 months in a composter, SUPER 8 green loosefill has degraded to a point that it is indistinguishable from the other composted material.

SUPER 8 green loosefill is made from 100% recycled polystyrene that contains a proprietary additive, which will allow the product to biodegrade* in the presence of microorganisms in 1 to 5 years or more depending on conditions. Because conditions vary from place to place and landfill to landfill, the exact time for degradation varies depending upon the level of microbial activity.

* Contains an additive that accelerates biodegradation when in the presence of microorganisms. The rate and time for biodegradation varies depending on conditions.


* 49.28% biodegradation in 900 days under non-typical conditions; no evidence of further biodegradation.