FASTTrack® PAPER PAK'R Paper System

The PAPER PAK'R paper system fills the void and protects your valuable products. The PAPER PAK'R® paper packaging system dispenses paper used for void fill, blocking and bracing, and light cushioning. The FASTTrack PAPER PAK'R® system is small, fast, efficient and easy to operate. It can be used as a stand-alone work station or integrated in-line over conveyors, to increase productivity and orders shipped per day. The system is designed for customers that pack 350 + boxes per day and need a reliable, high speed machine that will meet their demands. PAPER PAK'R® is designed to work best in applications packing metal, heavy, greasy parts, aerosol products, liquids, and other items with sharp edges.

PAPER PAK'R® Stock Paper
PAPER PAK'R 100% recycled paper Rolls per Skid Sq. Ft. Per Roll Cu. Ft. Per Roll
30 lb. - 24" x 2,000' 40 2000 105
30 lb. - 27" x 2,667' 32 6001 105
40 lb. - 24" x 1,500' 40 3000 85
40 lb. - 27" x 2,000' 32 4500 85
Also available in Bulk.

Fast. Increase throughput by dispensing paper on demand at speeds up to 66"per second. (18 Cu. Ft. per min.)

Easy to operate. The touch screen keypad makes it easy to use.

Labor Savings. No hands dispensing. Paper dispenses automatically into the box in one foot increments.

Reliable. Time tested and jam free machine that you can count on.

Sturdy. PAPER PAK'R is a more robust paper system that works well in an industrial environment and withstands abuse by packers.

Provides Flexibility. The FASTTrack PAPER PAK'R® system provides flexibility with choices. The dual paper roll kit option produces 2-ply "finished" paper to meet packing applications that require light cushioning. (30 lb. paper only)

Options. You have the option of selecting the paper weight and width you need depending on the application. The optional Electric Eye allows paper to feed automatically, resulting in faster packing. The Foot Pedal option provides for a hands-free operation.

Save money and minimize paper waste. The packer can choose the Auto-Indexing (AI) feature to input the exact amount of paper needed.

Safe. The ergonomic stand design adjusts so you can put the paper at the optimal dispensing height over a conveyor or pack station.

Fits the environment. PAPER PAK'R uses 100% recycled paper.

Service. FP International provides technical support.