Protective Packaging Products for Retail

Ship-from-Store and Return-to-Manufacturer
Multiple products that can be shipped directly from a store to the consumer. Space is at a premium and flexibility is required to provide a variety of protective packaging options, so the MINI PAK'R and its many film options is the perfect choice!

Pack & Ship Stores
Consists of shipping and small business service centers, mostly comprised of franchises and sole ownerships, that provide packaging and shipping from their locations. Similar to Ship-from-Store, space is at a premium, but flexibility is required to provide a variety of protective packaging options; as the type of products being packed vary widely.

Small Business Retail & Reseller
Typically a custom repackager and seller of products and/or an eBay merchant providing packaging services within a limited space, but requiring multiple protection options.

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FP Solution: MINI PAK'R RETAIL System
The MINI PAK'R RETAIL with its large variety of film configurations was designed specifically for small businesses that ship a variety of products with different protection needs. Accessories were designed to fit your particular space and needs, such as a Wall Mount Kit to save even more space and an Extension Arm to accommodate 24" wide (inflated) Quilt Medium cushions.

MINI PAK'R RETAIL offers six cushion types: Square Bag, Double Cushion, Supertube, Quilt Small, Quilt Medium and Quilt Large.