FP International Launches "First Priority Service" Program

Redwood City, CA (MARKET WIRE) - September 8, 2011 -- FP International is pleased to announce a new customer satisfaction program called "First Priority Service." Under this new program, FP will continue to offer all of its current and future customers, factory preventative maintenance and live 24-hour technical support.

As a leader in protective packaging, FP International has increased internal capacities and resources to enhance this program. President of FP International, Joe Nezwek, says "With our First Priority Service, we are in a unique position and continue to show our market leadership. Our customer relationships are key, and supporting their needs year-round, especially during their peak shipping times, is our first priority."

The first step in the First Priority Service program is preventative maintenance. "The best call is the one you don't have to make," says Kim Kidd, National Service Operations Manager. Through this enhanced program, field service technicians will frequently schedule system maintenance on-site. "FP has grown our operations and field team, and targeted key areas nationally, to help ensure our customers are always up and running," says Kidd. All customers with PMOS, Packaging-Made-On-Site equipment, including CELL-O EZ® machines, NOVUS® and PILLOW PAK® equipment, qualify for this program.

FP International also guarantees a twenty-four hour, seven days per week, live technical support line. This enhanced technical support line is manned only by qualified specialists. "We are pleased to say that we handle all of our own incoming calls based out of our Chicago area facilities, with our skilled staff we have no need to out-source this process," adds Kidd. In rare cases where the issue cannot be resolved over the phone, the technical staff will schedule a service visit for the customer immediately. This can often reduce the down time of the machine. "It's never fun for a customer to have a down machine. This is the purpose of our First Priority Service - to ensure that it doesn't happen in the first place," says Kidd.