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Types of green packaging, by Rod Alire - FP International
The Science of Biodegradable Plastics, by Rod Alire - FP International
What it means and why it's important

Additional Resources and Supporting Data on Biodegradable Plastics

Breaking Down Plastics: New Standard Specification May Facilitate Use of Additives that Trigger Biodegradation of Oil-Based Plastics in Landfills.
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia: "Biodegradable plastics are plastics that will decompose in..."
NOVA Science in the News. Australian Academy of Science
Why Bioplastics - Corn & Starch based products are worse than our current solutions
Bio-Polym, Information on Biodegradable Bioplastics
Energy Usage, Fossil Fuel Usage, Pollution, Health Effects, Effects on the Food Supply, and Economic Effects Compared to Petroleum Based Plastics.